We believe, after spending adulthood with responsibilities and care of others,  elderhood is the time of life to flourish with positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, a sense of accomplishments of the past and for self-actualization.

At Vineyard Ranch of Temecula, we care for and know our residents as unique individuals. We honor their past, present and future.  And we know that growing older is part of extended life span; however, it is to be savored and celebrated like the earlier life itself. At Vineyard Ranch, we strive to create positive life experiences every single day for all:  residents, their families, and our staff.

Choosing Vineyard Ranch as your home can enhance your quality of life; it’s a time you spend with us to flourish. Our inspiration and passion is driven by our set of beliefs, which makes us the right choice. Our calling is to enrich lives, create hope and change the future for all.

While a number of Assisted Living Community primarily focus on providing care for activities of daily living, such as bathing, toileting, feeding etc., Vineyard Ranch focuses on elder care that emphasizes promoting good health, wellness, independence, improving quality and longevity of life, as opposed to emphasizing strictly the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) care related to disease and frailty.

Wellness Edge®, our hallmark concept, is a life-enhancing model developed for seniors. It combines the latest scientific, social and health breakthroughs focused on enhancing the quality and longevity of life.

Our Wellness Edge® Program is a methodology which engages residents on four basic tracks of human development: mind, body, spirit and heart. We believe the development of the whole being is an innate human need and desire and that human development is possible at any age. In fact, old age provides for the time to flourish and opportunity to focus on oneself and achieve self-actualization with independence, creativity, and spontaneity. Old age, once thought to be a time of listlessness, is revitalized at Vineyard Ranch at Temecula.

Aziz Amiri, Senior Executive Director and Commissioner – Los Angeles County Commission on Older Adults.